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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Give Us This Day Thy Daily Post

Blog Tips For Pope: Give Us This Day Thy Daily Post : NPR

As I read about how the Pope is encouraging his clergy to be out there in the blogosphere I think about the relatively few Lutheran clergy who take the time and thought to put out a blog.

Oh, there are some very vocal ones among us. I'm trying to be one of them, but I'm a long way from the top.

And then I think of how many of my writer friends blog? Too busy, they say. Haven't got time. Don't know what to write about. Seems silly and pointless. So go the excuses.

But why are you writing, dear writer? Why are you preaching, my brother preacher? Don't you want somebody to read what you write, listen to your preaching and teaching?

Looks to me like blogging is one of the best ways these days to draw attention to your voice, your style and your message. What better way to build a following, a platform?

Clergy, writer—if you have something to say, get on with spreading it.