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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Bible, Aliens, UFOs and Flying Saucers

Yesterday afternoon I was messing around with Netflix (I'm a subscriber) and came across the History channel's series on Ancient Aliens. I had seen it before, but decided to take another gander. Fact is, I wasted well over an hour hearing again about supposed flying machines in the days of the ancient Egyptians, Indians and even King Solomon and Ezekiel. My oh my. To think that King Solomon flew around the ancient world on a 'magic carpet' —how intriguing.

Well, anyway, this morning I decided to do some research about all this nonsense about UFO's, aliens from outer space, flying saucers, machines that produced the Manna for the Exodus Hebrews, etc. No conclusions as yet. I simply thought you'd be interested in some of my ruminations. Here are a few:

  • The Manna Machine - these guys wrote a book that describes their imaginary machine used by the wandering Children of Israel to produce Manna during the 40 years of their Exodus. It was driven, by the way, by some type of nuclear energy emanating from the Ark of the Covenant. Wow! Imagine that.

  • The Spaceships of Ezekiel - the unidentified author of this website spends a lot of time debunking the theory that Ezekiel's vision was really about some alien spacecraft landing before his eyes. I think I'll have to come back to this site and take a deeper look.

  • The Bible and Flying Saucers - a Google search brought me to this book by Barry H Downing. A further search for this author revealed that he is a conservative theologian who has a deep interest in the possibility of demonic forces creating the UFO phenomena. I watched an interview about his views. I'm not certain that I really want to buy his 1970 book, but it is interesting to read about it.

  • Dr. Michael S. Heiser - He's the guy interviewing Dr. Downing, it turns out. So I began looking into the scholar of ancient oriental languages who works for the well-known Bible software company Logos. He also has a deep interest in the interface between the Bible and the modern UFOs - aliens from outer space pages on his site and many blogs. He is the author of a wide variety of scholarly papers and books, both non-fiction and fiction. I think I'd like to get to know him.
All in all, the whole search got me back to the Logos homepage and I discovered and installed Vyrso, a software that enables me to read books from Logos, etc. Quite an interesting morning. We'll have to take a deeper look into all this stuff about the Bible, aliens from outer space and UFOs another time.